Internationalized Date controls for WinForms, WPF and Web is for writing globalized application that work with various dates and calendars. With transparent support for Gregorian calendar, PersianCalendar and HijriCalendar you can simply use these controls to write ready to run globalized application.

Key Features

  • 100% Free!
    The whole package is free and comes with source code. Code includes all controls for all platforms.
  • Platforms
    Supporting various controls for major platforms and technologies such as WPF, WinForm and Web each supporting various themes and skins with, and even allowing your to change the default look and feel using custom theme in WPF or custom drawing in WinForms.
  • Rich Set of Controls
    DatePicker, Calendar, MonthView and MultiView are just some of the controls available. Especially, with the limitation and problems of PersianCalendar in .NET Framework, provides a lot of utilities to help developing date centric applications using Persian Calendar.
  • Localization / Globalization
    Controls provides support for major calendars such as Gregorian Calendar, Persian Calendar and Hijri Calendar and support for standard calendars of .NET Framework. All controls support Right To Left and Left To Right reading orientations.
  • Community
    Being fully open-source, you always can find any problem you may encounter and fix it yourself, or alternatively send us the probelm you have or the feature you need to be added. Already used in a lot of applications by various developers, these controls have a large user community.