• Queue Manager

    Working with MSMQ and fed up with the built-in Windows snap-in? This tool allows you to see the messages in the queues, move them around and import/export them to/from the file system. This works equally good with remote and local queues. If you're using NServiceBus on top of MSMQ you can see message header information, the reason why the message has ended up in the error queue and ability to move the message back to the originating queue and initiate a retry. The tool, now named NServiceBus™ Profiler is a part of NServiceBus suite of tools and is release under the same license. You can get the source code to the application from the GitHub or try out the nightly builds directly from NServiceBus CI in here.

  • JimBA

    Point of Sales application developed with easy to use, zero maintainance and rich user experience in mind. Download your evaluation today.

  • Expression Clone

    A set of WPF skins that look alike Microsoft Expression © dark skin. Controls skinned in this package are Button, TabControl, ScrollBars, ScrollView, ResizeGrip, ListBox, ComboBox, TextBox, Label, RadioButton, CheckBox, Expander, StatusBar and menu related control. For consistent look and feel, there's also a skinned MessageBox control included. See more info on this blog post.

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  • Farsi Library

    Internationalized Date controls for WinForms, WPF and Web is for writing globalized application that work with various dates and calendars. With transparent support for Gregorian calendar, PersianCalendar and HijriCalendar you can simply use these controls to write ready to run globalized application.

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  • RMS

    Restaurant Management System is a suite of automation for restaurants and fast-foods. With rich set of reports and integration with your existing hardware (Customer Display, Reciept Printer, Remote Ordering)

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